This is a story of persistent faith - believing that if you just follow you will be healed. 

After a full clinic day on the island of Romblon, the MRI team was wrapping up the clinic at noon, at which time an outrigger would be loaded to carry the team and supplies to the little island of Cobrador.  It was important to leave at noon, because the sea would be too rough if we waited.

While hurrying up to pack up equipment and supplies, a father came with his daughter, who was in intense pain.  She had fallen and brokeroot exposed off her front tooth, exposing a root!  Now you have to understand there are no dentists on this island.  This was quite a novelty, a dental clinic on their island, and the community knew they needed to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.  Unfortunately, all supplies had been packed up, and the outrigger was waiting to transport us to the next island, about an hour with rough seas.

The father had to be told it was too late.  But the father was persistent - he and his daughter followed our team to the outrigger, and loaded he and his daughter - no overnight bags, no thought of food or lodging, just faith that if he followed our team, we would heal his daughter.

outrigger1It wasn't until we reached the little island of Cobrador that we realized that the father and his daughter had followed us to the boat, and got in with us.  When we reached the island, and were walking to our place where we would lodge, we realized we had been followed, all the way to our room!

The wonderful people of Cobrador extended hospitality to them, fed them and gave them lodging.  The next morning, when we opened the clinic, the little girl was first in line.

Little did we know the procedure would take over 2 hours.  But not only was the tooth saved, but restored to a beautiful smile.  Most of all, the pain was gone!

new tooth


 This is just one of many personal stories of people who were relieved of pain, and given a fresh start with a new smile, because they heard about the help coming, they followed, and they believed!

What a privilege to be used in such a tangible, practical way, but for people who have no health/dental care, could be a difference between life and death!

Thank you for continuing to support Medical Relief International, especially as we return to these small islands to respond to the desperate needs and the requests to return!

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