Barikiwa Health Center, NGO

painted clinic

The opening of the Barikiwa Health Center has been delayed because of the health crisis Dr. Ashley Lucas suffered after a botched surgery.  We are thankful for the donations that made it possible to send her to South Africa where she underwent several surgeries to repair her liver.

The opening has now been scheduled for June 1, 2018, and will be celebrated throughout central Tanzania.

Phase One is complete, which includes:

  • Infrastructure
  • Deep Well
  • Myers Clinic
  • Acreage Fenced
  • Road to property
  • Landscaping Security House
  • Outside facility
  • Satellite Internet

The initial investment has been over $500,000, and we are about half way complete with the overall plans for the compound.

Phase Two:

  • Surgery Center - half complete
  • Pedo Center - half complete

Phase Three:

  • Hutcherson Community Center
    • This will begin soon, as we begin vetting a pastor. This will open under a tarp for the first 3 years before a building is erected.
    • Note:  we are looking at a pastor who would also serve as a security guard for the clinic.

Phase Four:

  • Residences:
      We purchased 3 adjacent lots next to the clinic. Here we will build a home for the pastor, the medical director, and lead phsyician.

Phase Five:

  • There will be a university in Tanzania called TATU (Tanzanian Advanced Training University).  TATU in Swahili means "three."  The three participants in TATU will be Barikiwa Health Center, Medical Relief International and Husani Clinic (owned by the District Commissioner, and is 6 hours away from Barikiwa).
    • This university will include a Bible and Medical Training Facility, staffed by medical professionals and pastors from the US.

The final phases for the compound will cost approximately $375,000.