Our Vision

Medical Relief International exists to provide dental, medical and humanitarian aid, or other services deemed necessary for the benefit of all people in need, and to network with other agencies to help them fulfill this vision.

Our History

Although Medical Relief International was founded in 2005, the ministry really began over 20 years ago with a small group of dentists who responded to an invitation from a mission organization in Haiti to provide medical/dental care. MRI now serves the medical/dental needs in Haiti, Central America, Africa, the Philippines, and is open to serving in any other country where there is a like-minded organized mission who requests our service.

Our Future

MRI is expanding our horizons, perfecting a transferable and sustainable model of our holistic approach that will transfer to locations all over the world.  Whether it is building clinics, training locals, or organizing short term mission trips, our desire is that we meet the critical needs found at each of our destinations.


Our Distinctives

What separates MRI from other humanitarian organizations? What makes us so special? We don't answer every call for help, but we work with established organizations who are currently ministering to populations in need. We empower people who are in the daily grind, enabling them to reach more people with their message of hope. We also realize that the future of MRI rests in the hands of the next generations. Therefore we invest in students to carry on the work, as well as leading short-term teams to various locations around the world.